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2011.12.16 16:06

펜라이트 0w-30

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                  펜라이트 0w-30



제품 규격

API SL/CF, ACEA A3/B4, Ford M2C945A, GM 4718M, MB 229.3

펜라이트 0w-30

PAO + Ester

제품 설명

Full synthetic engine oil for use in the latest generation of high performance engines.

Ideal where this viscosity or SAE 0W-20 or 5W-20 oils are recommended.

Suitable for use where the fuel economy ACEA A1/B1 and A5/B5 oils are recommended for use such as in Volvo and Chrysler.

May also be used where ILSAC GF-3 and GF-4 is specified.

Vehicles fitted with DPFs must use Enviro+ or Diesel HD oil as appropriate.

Not recommended for four stroke motorcycles.


pen0w-30 PIS.pdf   

pen0w-30 MSDS.pdf   







가격 : 문의 (062-268-3506)

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